Asset Type Fault Combinations

Create fault combinations for all asset types in one go in D365FO Asset management


The setup of asset types and fault management is standard Asset management functionality. From the Fault designer form, you can use the functionality "Create fault combinations". It deletes all the faults set up for an asset type and adds all possible fault symptoms, fault areas, and fault types to the selected asset type.


You have set up asset types in Asset management.

You use fault management in Asset management.

Maintenance Manager, Sysadmin

Create Asset type fault combinations

We have improved the functionality with an additional parameter, allowing you to update the fault setup on all asset types in one go. This approach saves time when you set up faults for asset types for the first time in Asset management. You no longer have to create fault combinations for each asset type one by one.

Create fault combinations on all asset types

  1. Select Asset Management > Setup > Fault > Fault designer.
    1. If you have not yet set up fault data on asset types, refer to Microsoft documentation: Set up the fault designer and create a setup for one asset type.
  2. Select the Create fault combinations button.
  3. In the Asset type drop-down, select the asset type from which you want to copy the fault combination setup.
  4. Select the Update all asset types toggle button to show "Yes".
  5. Select OK. A message is shown in the Action center when all asset types have been updated.

We added a new filter, "Filter asset types with no setup", to the Fault designer form. The filter is useful if you create new asset types on a continuous basis. Select the filter to quickly get an overview of any (new) asset types that you have not yet created fault combinations for.

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