Setup required for working with checklist actions


In standard Asset management, you fill out maintenance checklists as part of completing work orders. We have extended this functionality to allow automatic generation of a related work order, based on the selections (actions) on a checklist.


In standard Asset management, you have created setup for assets and work orders.

Sysadmin, Maintenance Manager

License configuration

The Maintenance checklist actions functionality in Asset management requires specific setup regarding license configuration.

  1. Select System administration > Setup > License configuration.
  2. Select Advanced Asset Management.
  3. Ensure that the Checklist Actions check box is selected.

Security configuration

Data entities for maintenance checklist actions have been extended in the D365FO Data management framework.

In D365FO, the Maintenance manager role must include the following setup.

  1. Select System administration > Security > Security configuration.
  2. Select role: Maintenance manager.
  3. Select duty: Maintain Asset Management setup.
  4. The privilege Maintain maintenance checklist actions must be added.

Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn more about security configuration in D365FO: Security architecture.

Set up maintenance checklist actions

A maintenance checklist action is a task that must be carried out when a certain condition is registered on a checklist line. The checklist line registration triggers automatic creation of a new work order, which is related to the work order the registration is made from.

Checklist actions can be used on two maintenance checklist types: "Variable" and "Measurement".

Refer to Microsoft documentation explaining how to add a maintenance checklist line to a work order job to learn more about available maintenance checklist types.

  1. Select Asset management > Setup > Maintenance checklists > Maintenance checklist actions.
  2. Select New.
  3. In the Checklist action field, enter a name explaining what needs to be done if this action is triggered. Examples: "Refill oil", "Change meter", "Replace bolts".
  4. The Active check box is automatically selected. Only active maintenance checklist actions are available for checklist line registrations.
  5. Select the Maintenance job type the checklist action applies to.
    1. In order to trigger creation of a related work order, the maintenance job type selected in this field must match the maintenance job type used on the asset that a checklist line registration is created for.
  6. Fill out the Maintenance job type variant and Trade fields, if required.
  7. The Work order type field is automatically filled out, based on the selection in Asset management > Setup > Asset management parameters > Work orders link > Preventive work order type field. You can select another work order type, if required.
  8. The Service level field is automatically filled out. You can select another service level, if required.
  9. Select Save.

If you want to edit or delete a maintenance checklist action, consider the following:

  • If you set a maintenance checklist action to be "Inactive", a warning message is shown if that checklist action is used on a maintenance checklist line, a maintenance checklist variable, or a work order job checklist line.
  • You cannot delete a maintenance checklist action if it is used on maintenance checklist lines, maintenance checklist variables, or work order job checklist lines.
  • You cannot delete a Maintenance job type, Maintenance job type variant, Trade, Work order type, or Service level if it is used on a maintenance checklist action.

In the standard checklists setup, note that

  • copying Maintenance job type default checklists includes copying the setup for checklist actions.
  • copying Maintenance checklists includes copying the setup for checklist actions.

Refer to Microsoft documentation for information on how to copy checklists in Asset management.

Set up maintenance checklist actions on maintenance checklist variables

You can set up checklist actions for maintenance checklist lines of type "Variable".

  1. Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn how to create a maintenance checklist variable in Asset management.
  2. In the Maintenance checklist variables form, select the variable you want to set up checklist actions for.
  3. Select the line you want to set up a checklist action for.
  4. In the Checklist action field, select the checklist action in the drop-down list.

Update a work order lifecycle state for automatic work order creation

Work order lifecycle states define the states that a work order can go through. A setup on the Work order lifecycle state determines when, in the processing of a work order, a related work order should be created if checklist registrations trigger checklist actions.

In the Lifecycle states form, you must select which work order lifecycle state should be used.

  1. Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn how to set up work order lifecycle states in Asset management.
  2. In the Lifecycle states form, select the work order lifecycle state that should trigger related work orders, based on checklist registrations (for example, lifecycle state "Completed").
  3. In the Genreal section, select the Process maintenance checklist toggle button to show "Yes".

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