Automatic creation of purchase orders and requisitions from work orders


When you update a work order to a lifecycle state set up to handle maintenance plan procurement, a purchase order or purchase requisition is automatically created for the items required on the work order, based on your setup of item forecasts.


You have completed setup for maintenance plan procurement.

Maintenance Manager

Create purchase orders and requisitions on a work order

When a work order is updated to a work order lifecycle state that is set up to manage procurement, purchase orders and/or purchase requisitions are created for the work order jobs, based on the maintenance plan procurement setup.

The screenshots below show an example of a work order that was updated to work order lifecycle state "Released", which triggered the automatic creation of related purchase orders for each work order line. Focus in the first two screenshots is on work order line 1. The work order line and the purchase order relates to the same project ID in the Project management and accounting module.

The third screenshot shows the project hierarchy. Each work order line - for assets "AK-101" and "AK-301" - get separate project IDs, which are used on each purchase order.

Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn more about Asset management and Project management and accounting integration in D365FO.

Refer to the test case below for a step-by-step procedure on how to create automatic procurement on a work order.

On a work order, you can easily get an overview of which purchase orders or purchase requisitions have been created for a work order line.

  1. On a Work order card, select a job line on the Work order maintenance jobs FastTab.
  2. Select Item tasks > Purchase requisition from work order job or Purchase order from work order job to open the Project purchase requisitions or Project purchase orders list.

Work order with two work order lines - line 1 selected, showing Project ID for the line.
Purchase order created from maintenance plan procurement setup, using the same Project ID as the work order line it was created from.
Projects automatically created for the work order - one project ID for each work order line.

Create automatic procurement on a work order

Data Requirements

  1. Maintenance plan procurement setup is completed.

Steps 2

  1. Create a work order using the appropriate maintenance job type.

  2. On the work order, update the work order lifecycle state to a state which is set up to create procurement.


The user can create a purchase order or a purchase requisition from updating the work order lifecycle state on a work order.

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