Lifecycle states

Allow workers to use specific lifecycle states in Asset management


When you've set up restricted stage movement for workers, they can only select the lifecycles states allowed on functional locations, assets, maintenance requests, and work orders in Asset management.


You have completed setup for restricted stage movement.

Maintenance Manager

Integration and usage

When you've completed setup regarding permissions for lifecycle state updates in Asset management, the selected users are able to only select the lifecycle states available according to that setup.

Note: If some users (workers) are not set up with specific lifecycle update permissions, they are able to select all lifecycle states available, according to your standard setup in Asset management.

The permission setup uses the standard setup created for lifecycle models in Asset management. Refer to Microsoft documentation regarding lifecycle model setup for

For each lifecycle state in a lifecycle model, you determine which lifecycle states should be available as the next possible lifecycle state. That, in combination with any user permission setup determines which lifecycle states are available to a user.

Example: A work order is created and currently in work order lifecycle state "Released". The work order lifecycle model setup allows for four possible updates from state "Released" (refer to screenshot "Screen 01" below). A worker (an electrician), who is working on a work order, is included in the work order lifecycle state permission setup created for the group "Maint-Elec" (refer to screenshot "Screen 02" below). When the worker selects Update work order state on the work order, he or she is only able to select "InProgress" or "Completed" as the next lifecycle state (refer to screenshot "Screen 03" below). The options "New" and "Pending" are grayed out because they are not included in the permission for the "Maint-Elec" user group.

Screen 01: Work order lifecycle states allowed from the "Released" lifecycle state.
Screen 02: Work order lifecycle state permissions setup up for the "Maint-Elec" user group.
Screen 03: Work order lifecycle states available from "Released" state shown with a checkmark. Those available to a user from user group "Maint-Elec" are shown in black text, and those not available are shown in gray text, according to update permission setup.
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