Automated Journal Posting


In standard Asset management, you post journals for one work order at a time. We've added functionalty that allows you to post work order journals from several work orders in one sequence. You can post journals for specific work orders or all the work orders with consumption registration lines in the work order journal.

You can initiate posting of several work orders manually, or you can set up a batch job for automatic posting on a specific date and time.

Automatic posting of work order journals includes available transaction types:

  • Hours
  • Items
  • Expense

Security configuration

The following security roles are required for working with automated journal posting on work orders:

  1. Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Clerk (create, edit, delete jobs for automated posting)
  2. Batch job manager (get access to batch job queues and batch job logs to view notifications after posting)

Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn more about security configuration in D365FO: Security architecture and Batch manager security role.

Post work order journals (to-do)

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