Checklist Template

Add checklist template lines to existing work orders


In standard Asset management, you can set up checklists on maintenance job types. When you create work orders, those checklists are automatically transferred to the work orders that use the maintenance job types.

We have extended this functionality to allow you to add checklist lines from a checklist template to existing work orders.


In standard Asset management, you have created setup for assets and work orders.

Maintenance Manager, Technician

License Configuration

Working with checklist templates in Asset management requires the same configuration setup as working with Checklist actions.

Refer to the article License configuration for information about the configuration setup.

Add a Checklist Template to a Work Order

You find the "Add checklist template lines" functionality on a work order.

  1. In Asset management, select a work order in a work order list, or open a work order.
  2. On the Action Pane > Lines tab > select Maintenance checklist.
  3. On the Maintenance checklist lines tab, select Add template lines. The Add template lines dialog opens.
  4. In the Maintenance Checklist template drop-down, select the checklist template you want to add lines from.
  5. In the Template lines position drop-down, select to add the checklist lines before or after your current selection on the Maintenance checklist lines tab.
    1. If no existing checklist lines are shown on the Maintenance checklist lines tab, the Template lines position drop-down is not shown.
  6. Select OK. Checklist lines from the selected template are added to the Maintenance checklist lines tab in the order they appear on the checklist template.

Refer to Microsoft documentation for more information about maintenance checklists in Asset management:

The screenshot below shows the Add template lines dialog that you open from a work order list or work order.

Adding checklist template lines to a work order
Adding checklist template lines to a work order
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