Work Order Description

Create work order descriptions for specific work order types in D365FO Asset management


In standard Asset management, work order descriptions can be predefined. We have added functionality, allowing a description to be associated with a specific work order type.


You have set up work order types in Asset management.

Maintenance Manager, Sysadmin


The work order description functionality affects the lookup for the Description field on work orders, when you create work orders and create related work orders in Asset management. You will only see work order descriptions set up for the selected work order type, or generic descriptions with no related work order type.

The purpose for this functionality is to help users select the correct descriptions on a work order, based on work order type, meaning they only see the relevant work order descriptions in the lookup.

When you select a description for a specific work order type on a work order, you can still add more text in the Description field, if required.

Data entity setup

The data entity Asset management work order descriptions has been extended in the D365FO Data management framework.

Create descriptions on work order types

You can create a work order description and relate it to a specific work order type. If you don't select a work order type for a work order description, the description can be selected on all work orders.

  1. Select Asset management > Setup > Work orders > Descriptions.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. If you want the description to be used only for a specific work order type, select it in the Work order type field.

You cannot set up identical descriptions for several work order types.

If the same description is required for more than one work order type, make a small change in the text or add a suffix, for example, "-01" or "-02", to create an almost identical description.

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