Define the Work Order Plan Sequences

The user can create Work Order Sequence which will trigger Work Order Plans in the order created by the user.

Work Order Sequence can be created based on the Calendar or Counter frequency.

To create a working Work Order Sequence the user must:

  • choose the Asset No. for which the sequence will work
  • choose the type of the frequency ** if the frequency is based on the counter - the counter category must be specified
  • schedule a frequency (works similar to the Work Order Plan frequency scheduling)
  • add at two Work Order Plans in the status released*
  • for counter frequency, the interval must be set up - the value for which the sequence will be triggered
  • release the Work Order Sequence

*used Work Order Plans must be released without any frequency on them - the user can release a plan without the frequency. It can not be done by mistake - the user is asked to confirm the process.

Being on the Work Order Plan card the user is also notified that this plan is a part of the Sequence - to prevent changes that might interfere with the setup of the sequence.

When the user is trying to reopen the Work Order Plan which is a part of the Sequence - the user is notified about it.

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