Ability to reinvoice the maintenance costs to other legal entity

The user in the Maintenance Invoicing Setup can set up Sales Account No. for existing Items/Resources/Expenses.

The user can use Create Maintenance Invoice task to create an maintenance invoice automatically.

Before creating an invoice, the user must specify:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Customer No. - for who the invoice will be created
  • Posted Work Order No. - if the invoice must be created for a specific record
  • Posting Date
  • Document Date
  • Grouping (by Asset, by Work Order, or by Type) - the way how it will be shown on the invoice
  • Pricing - Markup or Price List
  • Adjustment Factor - it does not impact on price list of items/resources

When the invoice is created with the proper setup - everything is visible on the invoice card.

The user can select the line on the sales invoice, and inspect maintenance details of this line.

The user can also specify which Work Order Ledger Entries must be billable - by using the Set Billable/Non-Billable button on the Work Order Ledger Entries

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