Automatically capture the time on the Work Order using the clock

In the Asset Management Setup there is a function that is making the time registration available.

When on - on the Work Order the Start Timer is available.

To use this functionality for the resource line, the Maintenance Employee must be assigned to the specific resource.

After selecting Start Timer when more than one line for this resource exists - the user will be asked for which line the registration should be created. If one line exists - for this line the registration will be created.

When the registration is started - the clock on the top of the work order is visible.

By selecting Pause - the user will record the registration but it will not be posted yet.

Registered time can be open from the line or from the ribbon.

Here the user can post the registered time, or make changes in the starting/ending or duration.


  • the user can post only registrations created by the same user

  • the user can not start the second registration when the previous is not registered

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