It is possible to create default No. Series from Assisted Setup

In all Assisted Setups (Assets, Work Orders, Asset Warranties, Safe Work, Risk Assessments, Forms, Maintenance Requests) where No. Series are needed - the button for setting up default No. Series is added.

Selecting this button will open the confirmation dialog.

After confirming two things are happening.

  • A proper No. Series is created* (depends on where the button was used: No. Series for Assets - from Set up Asset Number Series, no series for WOP, WO, ROP, RO - from Work Orders Setup, etc.). Created No. Series has:

  • a code suggesting its origin description informing where it is used ** starting no. similar to the standard no. series

  • A created No. Series is added to the field in the actual page in the Assisted Setup**.

*If the default No. Series already exists in the database - it will not be duplicated. **If there was any different No. Series already used - it will be replaced with the default one.

From all apps and their Assisted Setups these No. Series might be created.

All default numbers have set up:

  • Default Nos.: true
  • Manual Nos.: true

{{CODE                       DESCRIPTION                    STARTING NO.}} {{EAM-ASSET                  Asset                          A00001}} {{EAM-CLM                    Claim                          CLM00001}} {{EAM-FORM-TMPL              Form Template                  FT00001}} {{EAM-LOCK                   Lockout                        L00001}} {{EAM-LOCK-PNT               Lockout Point                  LP00001}} {{EAM-MAINT-REQ              Maintenance Request            MR00001}} {{EAM-PERM                   Permit to Work                 P00001}} {{EAM-PERM_TMPL              Permit to Work Template        PT00001}} {{EAM-RISK                   Risk Assessment                R00001}} {{EAM-RO                     Round Order                    RO00001}} {{EAM-ROP                    Round Order Plan               ROP00001}} {{EAM-TAG                    Tagout                         T00001}} {{EAM-TRANSF-ORD             Asset Transfer Order           TO00001}} {{EAM-TRANSF-RCPT            Asset Transfer Receipt         TR00001}} {{EAM-TRANSF-SHPT            Asset Transfer Shipment        TS00001}} {{EAM-WAR                    Warranty                       WAR00001}} {{EAM-WO                     Work Order                     WO00001}} {{EAM-WOP                    Work Order Plan                WOP00001}}

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