Work Order Plan allows to plan the Replacement for Asset

On Work Order Plan it is possible to set the default values during asset replacement. The section (Replacing Asset) is only shown if the Work Order Category has a Category Type set up as Asset Replacement.

On the Work Order Plan and Work Order - it is possible to define the Replacing Asset *in the Asset Parameters* area:**

  • Asset No. - what is the Asset No. after replacement
  • New Asset Parent No. - by default, it will be the same Asset No. as Parent on the Current Asset (to place the new asset in the correct place in the hierarchy)
  • New Asset Status - this is the asset status that will be set on the Asset
  • Change Asset Status Code on Child Assets - the switch says if the new status will be assigned to all Asset Children
  • New Asset Condition Code - this is an asset condition that will be set on the Asset
  • Mount Counters - if the switch is on, then the counters assigned to the current assets will be assigned to the new asset with the last reading. This switch works only if the Dismount Counters is on.

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