Job related fields shown on Work Order and on Lines

To all lines available on Work/Round Order fields related to the Job are added.

The Job No. is added to the Work Orders list and to the Work/Round Card.

All fields are hidden and can be added by personalization.

All data is taken from the Work Order/Round Plan when the Order is being created - data in all fields can be modified if it is needed.

Dimensions from Job No. are added automatically to the dimensions on the line.

Job No. on the line can be changed manually (or removed) if necessary.

Job No. and Job Task No. on the line, can be changed only where there is no consumption posted for this line.

When the user has any lines on the Plan, and he changed the Job No. on the header - he will be notified that existing lines must be updated manually.

On the Job Card - a related button is added.

Related - Maintenance - Work Orders: opens the list of Work/Round Orders where this Job is set up on the header.

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