Asset Item shows the quantity related of items inside the asset

On Asset Card in the Items section, the Quantity field had been added. It is hidden by default but can be made visible using personalize function.


This field allows specifying/changing the quantity of items used for maintenance of the asset. The default value for a new item added to the list is 1. The field is of type decimal, so the user can specify the decimal part of a number e.g. when some specific quantity of fluid is needed for maintenance.

The Quantity field can also be added to the Asset Items list, it is hidden by default. Below there is a picture showing Asset Items with an added Quantity field.


Migration Excel in the Assisted Setup Migrate Assets had been also updated to allow users to specify the quantity of related items for assets.

Download migration Excel from the Asset Data Migration card.


Open the Excel file, go to the Asset Item sheet and you will be able to input Asset No., Item No., Variant Code, and Quantity of an item.


Then save and close migration Excel, click Next on the Asset Data Migration page and import the modified spreadsheet to Business Central.


After importing the file, you will see the summary of data to migrate. If everything checks out, click Migrate, and your data are ready to use in Business Central.

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