Failure by Downtime Entry report

Failures by Downtime Entry allows creating a report, which provides information about the number of failures by downtime entry. The report is available in Asset Manager Role Center in the Reports section.

Before creating a report, there is a possibility to apply filters to Date and Asset No.

The report consists of 4 sheets: Downtime Failures by Asset, Downtime Failures by Problem, Downtime Failures by Work Order, and Data. The first one provides information about which downtime failures occurred in an asset.

Downtime Failures by Problem provides information about how many times a specific problem occurred and in which assets. The chart shows the percentage share of specific problems in all failures. There is a possibility to expand or collapse the rows, depending on that, the chart would alter.

The third sheet shows which downtime failures occurred in the specific work order.

The Data sheet provides the necessary data to create different pivot tables and charts.

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