Maximum time in the restricted zone

On the Asset Location card has been added a possibility to add a Maximum Entrance Time. It specifies how long a visitor can be in a restricted area. By default, this field is hidden and empty, which means that there is no time limit for entrance at this location.

It can be tracked if a person visiting the location has exceeded the maximum entrance time using the Entrance Log page. During check-in, when Asset Location Code is chosen, the Maximum Entrance Time will be filled automatically. If there is no time limit for entrance at this location, the maximum entrance time field on the Check-in page will remain blank. Then during the Check-out, employee entrance time in the location is compared to the maximum entrance time and the information about exceeding the maximum entrance time is stored in the Entrance Time Exceeded field. Fields Maximum Entrance Time  and Entrance Time Exceeded are hidden by default and have to be added to Check-in and Check-out pages by using Personalize function.

This functionality also works for bulk check-out, a user can choose multiple entries, select Check-out from the ribbon, and if there is a maximum entrance time specified for some of those entries, the system will check if entrance times were exceeded or not. 

Information about the Maximum Entrance Time and the Entrance Time Exceeded can be also shown on the Entrance Log page, those fields have to be added by using Personalize function.

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