Register Tool Handing out

On the Role Center (for Manager and Technician) there is added action and the list, where the tool handout can be created.

When the new Tool Handout card is open.

  • No. is applied from the Asset Setup Management
  • Handed To can be selected from all Employees in the company
  • Employee Name is calculated based on the selected employee
  • Register Date-Time is calculated automatically based on the time of opening the page (can be changed manually)

The user can add a tool to the line.

When the tool which has children is selected - this tool plus its children is added to lines.

When the tool without children is selected - only this tool is added to the line.

The user can add notes to the line and change the maximum handout time in the parent line or in the line where the tool without children is.

There is no possibility of removing children from the list (only parents can be removed).

The maximum Handout Time of the parent will be applied to all children when the document is registered.

The user can take and add pictures to the handout and also show already added pictures.

When everything is set up correctly the user can register the handout.

When the handout is registered:

  • new record is created in the Registered Tool Handouts
  • on the Asset Card there is an information that the tool is currently in use and who is using the tool

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