Mounting a counter allow to mount counter to child assets

When you are mounting the new counter on the asset - you can define if you want to mount the same counter (with the same reading value) on all asset's children. If the asset has no children - this option is not editable.

If you decide that asset's children will get the same counter - each asset in the structure (below selected one) will get the same counter.

  • if asset children already has a counter for selected category - this asset will be skipped and the counter will not be changed
  • if asset children has the same counter category as selected one - counter will be mounted
  • if asset children has no relevant category - this category will be added

When you finish the process - you will be notified with the number of children that got this counter.

You can also dismount selected counter also from all asset's children. You just need to specify if you want to do this on the confirmation window. Option is not editable if the asset has no children.

When the process is finished - you will be notified.


Asset Replacement is supporting dismounting/mounting counters on asset's children. The old one and the new one.

On given example we are going to dismount counters from asset A00054 and all its children, and mount the same counters on asset A00056 and all its children.


  • all counters from asset parent and its children will be dismounted. It does not matter what counters they have.
  • all counters from asset A00054 will be mounted on the asset A00056 - if asset A00056 already has the same counter category with the counter on in - this counter will be skipped during mounting
  • all children of asset number A00056 will get counters from the asset number A00054 only if: ** they already have relevant counter category (counter category will not be added automatically) so you need to consider on which children you want to have these counters, and the counter category has no counter on it.

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