Ability to create a counter directly from Asset Card

You can create and mount the counter directly from the asset card. You just need to specify the Counter Category code and after selecting this line - use the Create Counter action (action is disabled when creation is not possible: counter category is empty, or the line has a counter already).

Selecting this action will open a window where you can define how you want to proceed with the process.

Counter No. is created automatically based on the asset number and the next available number. For example A000055-1. The next created counter from this asset will have the number A000055-2 and so on. You can always change this number right here.

If the asset has children - you can select Mount on Children option. When this option is selected - this counter will be automatically mounted on all assets that are below the selected asset in the parent-children structure. If any child already has a counter for the selected category - this asset is skipped. If the asset children does not have a counter category - the proper category will be added to the counter.

After finishing the process:

  • Counter is created Counter No. is the same as defined Counter Name is created based on the Asset Description and Counter Category Description ** Counter has reading for today with the value 0

  • Counter is mounted on proper asset(s) ** the first reading is added to the asset counter readings (reading for today with the value 0)

If everything is done properly - you will see the notification where you can inspect the number of assets that got this created counter.

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