Ability to define manual trend on Counters

You can define manual trends on counters. The trend is calculated on the registered entries for the counter, now you can enter your own trend for a specific time period. It allows you to adjust the simulation of the work orders based on the planned production/usage of the assets. For example, if there are 7 days of downtime planned for an asset, you can take them into account by setting the manual trend for those 7 days to 0. If there are any Work Orders for this asset, you can simulate them, and simulations for those Work Orders will be calculated according to the manual trend. This functionality will help you to easier manage changing usage of your assets and their need for maintenance.

On the Counters page select one of the counters and then look for a Manual Trend in TellMe. !image-2023-06-16-08-15-01-531.png!

After selecting it, you will see the page, where you can enter a custom trend for a specific period of time for the selected counter. !image-2023-06-16-08-36-45-457.png|width=778,height=197!

The entered trend will modify the calculated one, you can check it by looking for a Show chart for the selected counter. !image-2023-06-16-08-39-36-347.png!!image-2023-06-16-08-42-30-078.png|width=760,height=372!

You can see, that the trend was modified according to entries in the manual trend, for 7 days the trend is 0, for the next 14 days the trend is 20 and then it comes back to the value calculated from actual counter entries. Based on this trend in the period when trend is equal to 0 there will be no Work Orders triggered and in the period, when trend is 20 Work Orders will occur 2 times more often. You can see this by going to the Simulated instances page for this specific asset or by finding this asset on Asset Activity Board and showing it's Work Orders. !image-2023-06-16-09-11-08-236.png|width=751,height=61!

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