Ability to plan work order for multiple dates

ON the Asset Management Setup the user can turn on the Advanced Planning functionality.

Switching on will process the update of all existing resource lines on Work Orders and Plans.

When Advanced Planning is on - new functions are available:

  • The user can specify on the Work Order Plan/Round Plan what will be the flow of all existing resource lines.
  • Order of Task - information what is the order of tasks{}
  • Starting Date Calculation - defines how the starting date will be calculated
  • Days of Operation - defines how the ending date will be calculated from the starting date ** initial value is 1 - it means that it will be finished the same day

On given example - if the work order will be planned on 10th day of the month:

  • DC: Starting Date - 11th, Ending Date 11th
  • DF: Starting Date - 12th, Ending Date - 13th
  • EH: Starting Date - 13th, Ending Date - 13th

Ending Date can be always changed but it can not be lower than Starting Date.

Changing Starting Date the Days of Operation from the plan will be taken into consideration, so the Ending Date will be applied automatically.

Starting Date can be change only when the line is not posted yet.

With the Advanced Planning there are also changes on the Header.

  • Planned Date is not editable
  • Planned Ending Date is visible
  • Both dates are calculated automatically from resource lines
  • If no lines exist - both dates are equal to Original Planned Date

Advanced Planning has also impact on all simulations. Instead of expected Last Done Date from the Order - expected Planned Ending Date is taken into consideration when the simulations are being created.

With Advanced Planning the user can also specify what will be the Starting and Ending Time of the line.

It can be empty, but once specified - can not be removed.

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