Copy of Assets automatically copy the Counter Category, Devicies or Measurements

The functionality of copying the asset has new possibilities.

Now you can also:

  • copy counter categories
  • mount the same counters
  • copy measurements (without device measurement)
  • copy measurement devices

With the Mount the same Counters you have to specify the Reading From Date value. Based on the given date - the mounting process will take into consideration from which counter reading the counter on the asset will be mounted. It is taking the last reading from the selected date, or the first one before that. If there are no readings that fit the filter - you will see the error and the process of copying will be stopped.


Selected date: 10.01.2023

Scenario A In your company, you have two readings for that date Reading 1 with a value of 100 Reading 2 with a value of 110 In such case Reading 2 with be taken into consideration

Scenario B In your company, you have no readings for that date but you have Reading 1 with value 100 registered 08.01.2023 Reading 2 with value 110 registered 09.01.2023 In such case Reading 2 with be taken into consideration

+Note that copying counter categories, mounting the same counters, and copying measurements are supported by copying the children's structure.+


This functionality is also supporting the Tool Crib module. If you are copying the counter or counter category that is specified as Update Counter on Tool Return - this value will be applied to the copied assets. !image-2023-03-15-13-14-33-622.png|width=642,height=91!

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