Compare the Archived Maintenance Strategy with Current Maintenance Strategy

You can create maintenance strategies in your company and assign them to your assets. Later you can check if the asset complies expected strategy or another strategy.

To create a maintenance strategy search for and open Maintenance Strategies.

On the Maintenance Strategy card, you can define:

  • Code
  • Description
  • Order (in which order strategies will be shown on the overview)
  • Maintenance Strategy Lines

Maintenance Strategy Lines

This is a part where you must define what is the rule for the strategy. To do this you can use:

  • Negative (defines if the statement is negations)
  • Expression (when you need to add more than one statement) you can use: (, ), AND, OR, NOT what is important - each new Type must be separated with the expression
  • Type - here you are defining what you are taking into consideration for the filter, you can use: Asset Work Order Frequency Work Order Plan Work Order ** Posted Work Order
  • Filter - here you are defining the filter that you want to use on the maintenance strategy. Available fields are defined by the Type of the line

Use the Test action (from the toolbar) to check if the created strategy works and if there are no issues with the statements.


Once created Maintenance Strategy can be assigned to the asset. You can do it directly from the:

  • Asset Card (the Expected Maintenance Strategy field)
  • Maintenance Strategy Overview report
  • Asset Category card for all assets with this category specify the Expected Maintenance Strategy on the Asset Category Card select the Update Maintenance Strategy action from the toolbar ** you should be notified how many assets were updated

You can define if you want to collect information (in the Maintenance Log Setup) about changes done to the expected maintenance strategies on assets.


If your setup defines that these changes must be collected - relevant information is visible on the Maintenace Log of the selected asset.


When strategies are created and assigned to the asset, you can check if assets are complying them.

To do this search for and open Maintenance Strategies Overview.

From the list you can use actions:

  • Calculate Current Strategy - is is refreshing the overview and checking if strategies comply
  • Asset Card - to open asset card of selected record
  • Archive - to archive the current maintenance strategy overview

On the overview you see some data about asset no., description or category, but also Expected Maintenance Strategy (you can change it here but remember about recalculating the current strategy after this change). The rest of columns are created from the list of existing maintenance strategies.

Here you can see:

  • Yes - expected strategy is complied
  • Comply - maintenance strategy is complied but was not expected
  • Missing - expected strategy is not complied
  • when the field is empty - maintenance strategy was not complied and not expected

+Comply (or yes) means, that in the system exist at leas one record that fits to the statement defined in the maintenance strategy.+

When you archive the maintenance strategy - you are creating the current view which later you will be able to current maintenance strategy overview in the future.

To do this search for and open Archived Maintenance Strategies.

On the Archived Maintenance Strategy Card use the Compare To Current button.

On the Archived Maintenance Strategy Overview you can see what is the Expected Maintenance Strategy, and check if strategies are/were complied.

From this card, you can also:

  • Calculate Current Strategy - is is refreshing the overview and checking if strategies comply{}
  • Archive - to archive the current maintenance strategy overview

On the list you can check if the current strategy is complied and if it was complied when the maintenance strategy was archived (NOW / IN THE PAST):

  • Comply/Comply - is complied and was complied
  • Missing - is missing and was missing
  • Comply - is complied but was missing

Manager from his Role Center can open:

  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Maintenance Strategy Overview
  • Archived Maintenance Strategies

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