Electronic Signature Functionality

Electronic Signature functionality enables users to confirm crucial operations with additional authentication. First of all, the user has to set up a signature, search for Signature Setup in Tell Me.

On the Signature Setup page, you can enable signatures and choose a signature method. Then, on the same page look for Transaction Setup, this will allow you to choose which transactions have to be confirmed by signature.

After choosing which transactions require a signature, you have to set up the signature itself. You can do this by going to My Settings, then Signature, and selecting Change. When you are providing the password the first time, you will not see the Old Password field.

If you forgot your password, your manager could reset it for you by going to Users and selecting Reset Signature on the page. This will delete your password and you will have to provide a new one in My Settings on the next occasion.

An example of using an Electronic Signature: when you want to close Work Order, there will appear a window, where you have to type in your password to complete the transaction.

After successful transaction, the information about it is store in Signature Log, look for this page in Tell Me and select it to open the log.

On the Signature Log page, you will find information about Entry No., User Name, Signature Method, Signature Token and Date and Time of operation.

By selecting Where-Used on chosen entry, you will see which type of transaction was confirmed by this specific operation.

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