Modify work order lines in bulk for resource

You can easily and quickly edit lines on the similar Work Order Plans.

After selecting at least two work order plans, on the Work Order Plans list you can use an action - Update Work Order Lines.

Plans that you want to update must be in the status Open.

After selecting the button - you will be asked which lines you want to update. Option for Expenses is available only when you set up in Asset Management Setup that you want to use expenses on the plans.

After confirming you should see a list with specific record type. The list might be empty. This functionality is searching for all common lines from selected work order plans. Definition of common line:

  • the same number (Resource No., Item No., Expense No.)
  • the same description of the line
  • the same estimated quantity
  • the same Unit of Measure
  • the same Work Type Code - for Resource Lines
  • the same Vendor No. - for Expense Lines
  • the same expected unit cost - for Expense Lines

If selected plans have common line(s) - it will be shown on the open list. If not - the list will be empty, but it does not mean that selected plans have no lines on them.

By using the  Edit List action you can edit existing lines, or create new.

After selecting OK - you will be notified about incoming changes.

If you select to continue the process - lines will be added to the work order plans. +What is important+ : the process if fully replacing any existing lines. It means that it will remove all lines from selected plans, and insert new ones which you saw on the list for update. It is important to keep in mind if on your plan lines you have specified additional dimensions. It will not recreate them. So the whole process is dedicated for the situation where you really know what you want to achieve.


Thanks to that you can easily update lines on plans that are similar to each other but dedicated for different asset.

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