Ability to Lock and Unlock Lockout Points from the list

You can easily create the lockout with already locked lockout point directly from the lockout points list (or lockout point card) by using the Lock action. !image-2023-03-28-12-57-57-850.png|width=863,height=110!

You just need to specify what is the Planned End Time of the Lockout that you are about to create. You can also specify the Work Order No. and add some Remarks.

After confirming the process you will be notified about created Lockout.

Created document has:

  • Description taken from the Lockout Point

  • Assigned To set up as the user who created the lockout

  • Status: Pending Lockout Removal (approval is skipped)

  • Planned Start Date/Actual Start Date: set up as the date time of the moment when you confirmed the creation

  • Planned End Date: set up created by you in the previous step

  • Remarks: added in the previous step

  • Lockout Points line with the Lockout Point from which you created a lockout and with activated lock

Right now you can process this lockout directly from its card, but also you can again open the Lockout Points list and unlock the lockout point directly there (or its card).

When you use the Unlock action - you will be notified about removal of the lock from the specific lockout.

It will finish the lockout.


What is important:

  • only the user who created a lockout directly - can unlock specific lockout point with these actions. If for some reason someone else must do the unlocking - change the Assigned To person on the lockout and process the document manually
  • the specific user can use actions that are available for him Lock is enabled if this lockout point is not currently locked by this user Unlock is enables if the lockout point was locked by the current user and still waiting to be unlocked

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