Improvements in dataset of Asset Transfer Email Body

You can use new values available on the Asset Transfer email body. All values are added to the data set but are not added to the email default layout.

Added values:

  • Transfer_from_Code
  • Transfer_to_Code
  • In_Transit_Code
  • Direct_Transfer (boolean)
  • Posting_Date
  • Transfer_to_Asset_Status
  • Transfer_to_Asset_Condition
  • Remove_From_Parent_Asset
  • Assign_To_Parent_Asset

All fields represent the data from the Asset Transfer header.

You can also add a list of assets from the asset transfer document.

For that you can use*:

  • Labels: AssetNoLbl AssetDescritionLbl ShipedLbl ReceivedLbl NewParentNoLbl LineNotesLbl
  • Values AssetNo Description Shipped Received ParentNo Line_Notes

*if you will add it to the layout - data will be visible on the email body only when at least one asset is added to the asset transfer

The possible final result:

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