Ability to create asset transfer from Asset Card and Asset Tree

From the asset card and the asset tree, you can easily create an asset transfer document.

This action is opening the asset transfer creator.

Asset No. - not editable - number of the selected asset Asset Description - not editable - description the selected asset Transfer-to Code - you must specify what is the location to which asset(s) will be transferred In-Transit Code - if you will leave this field blank - created asset transfer will be marked as Direct Transfer

Available fields (hidden by default) Transfer-from Code- not editable - asset location code of the selected asset Before Shipment Checklist/Before Receipt Checklist - you can use them do define checklists that need to be finished before shipment or receipt Number of Transferred Assets - not editable - field is showing how many assets will be transferred


This process is supported with the asset transfer routes. If in your company the asset transfer route for the transfer from location A to B exists - it will be applied to the document.

When you are choosing an asset and starting the process - the result is that this asset and all asset's children are added to the transfer. So if there is a situation, that at least one of this asset children (or even selected asset) is already added to the asset transfer - you will see the proper notification and you will not be able to continue the process.

After selecting Create Asset Transfer on the creator - asset transfer will be created. Now you can decide if you want to add some Notes to the document, or change dates of planned shipment/receive.

At this point you can also Open created document or Finish the process.

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