Ability to create and plan Technician Tasks

Maintenance Tasks are documents where you can set up needed resources and post the consumption on them.

They are similar to work orders but there are two most important differences:

  • the task is not dedicated to any asset - you can post the resource consumption but it will not be linked with any asset
  • tasks have no item and expense lines - they are dedicated to the resource consumption only

You can use Maintenance Tasks to plan actions that will use your resources, but they are not related to any asset and you just want to track the usage of your resource, and consider other activities of your resources when you are doing maintenance planning. For example, our maintenance team is not available every first Monday of the month, because the whole team has regular first-aid training.


To start using maintenance tasks you need to provide some setup.

  • set up number series in the Asset Management Setup (default no. series action is supported)
  • create Maintenance Task Categories and Priorities

Maintenance Task Priority

On the list, you can create and set up Maintenance Task Priorities. Create individual code for the priority and add its description. You can also define the default value for the Latest Finish Date Calculation - it will be applied to the plan automatically every time when the priority is chosen. One Priority can be set up as the default one.

Maintenance Task Category

On the list, you can create and set up Maintenance Task Categories. Create individual code for the category, and add its description. You can also define the default priority code - it will be applied to the plan automatically every time when the category is chosen. One Category can be set up as the default one. 

Maintenance Task Plans

This is a list where you see all existing plans and also you can create a new one.

On the Plan you can find areas:

  • General - dedicated for general information about the document
  • Frequencies - dedicated for information about the frequency of the plan
  • Resources - dedicated for resource
  • Task Plan Steps - dedicated for steps included in the task
  • Additional Parameters - dedicated for other information


Here you are setting up:

  • number of the document
  • description of the plan
  • category code
  • priority code
  • asset responsibility center
  • dimensions


Here you are defining (in the same way how it is done on the Work Order Plan) when the plan should create a dedicated Maintenance Task.

For Maintenance Task Plan two frequencies are dedicated:

  • One-off
  • Calendar


Here you are specifying resources that are planned to be applied to the Maintenance Task.

Task Plan Steps

Here you can create a list (order will be copied to the maintenance task) of all steps that should be covered with the maintenance task. You can add a specific resource to clarify that this specific resource is responsible for this step.


Created Maintenance Task Plan can be released and in this status the maintenance task can be created if the frequency is triggered. You can calculate plan directly from the card or from the Work Order Planning Worksheet. There is additional option added when you are specifying which plans should be calculated.


Maintenance Task

Maintenance Task is a document created from its plan.

On the card you can find sections:

  • General
  • Resources
  • Task Steps
  • Audit


Here you can edit Description, Planned Date, Posted Date, or Asset Responsibility Center. You can also see how many steps are included in the task and how many of them are completed or remaining.


Here you have the same what you can find on the Work Order Card.

Task Steps

The order of steps is taken from the plan. Here you can specify if the step is done or not. This is only one value that can be changed on the line. You can not add new lines, edit, or remove existing ones.


Here you can find some info about who and when created a document.


All consumption done on resources is posted to the Resource Ledger Entries.

Posted Maintenance Task

The document is reflecting the Maintenance Task at the moment when it was closed. So you can easily check what was posted and which steps were done.

Simulated Maintenance Task Instances and Lines

Maintenance Tasks are fully supported with simulations. By visiting the page you can inspect incoming Maintenance Tasks and their lines.

Maintenance Availability

On the resource card you can use the Maintenance Availability button to check what the resource has planned in the company.

Create One-off Maintenance Tasks

You can use this task (from search button) to start a process of creation one-off maintenance task. You need to specify the description, category and priority. On the bottom there is an area where you can put steps one by one by providing its description. The process will create a one-off maintenance task and relevant maintenance task plan.

Advanced Planning

Maintenance Tasks are fully supported by Advanced Planning functionality in the same way as work orders are.

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