Asset Responsibility Center on Assets, Plans, Orders, Resources and Vendors

In your company, you can create a list of Asset Responsibility Centers. These ARC might be later assigned to the Resource or Vendor. {+}For now, it is just information about the area where the resource and vendor are operating{+}. In the future, this functionality will be still developed - for example, when the user is assigned to the resource operating on the specific ARC - this user will see data (assets, work orders, etc.) only from this ARC.

On the Resource and Vendor card - you can use the Asset Responsibility Center action to specify ARC for the selected record.

On the Asset Location Card, you can specify Asset Responsibility Center for this Asset Location.

This value will be applied to the asset every time when the Asset Location on the asset is changed. If you want - you can always change the ARC on the asset manually, but after changing the asset location (manually or by asset transfer) - the ARC value from the Asset Location will be applied.

Asset Responsibility Center from the Asset is always automatically applied to its plans. If you will change this value on the asset (manually or by asset transfer) - it will update the asset responsibility center on existing plans.

Asset Responsibility Center on different documents.

Work Order Plans

Asset Responsibility Center value on the Work Order Plan is taken from the actual ARC value on the asset. If you will change this value on the asset - plans will by updated (always).

Value from the document is applied to all lines and can not be changed on them.

When the Work Order is created - this value is automatically applied to the document. You can always change it if you want to.

Value from the Work Order is applied to its lines.

Round Order Plan

Round Order Plan is created for many assets, so ARC on the Round Order Plan must be specified always manually. It is also applied to the Round Order when the plan is being calculated.

Maintenance Task Plan

Maintenance Task Plan is created without any asset, so ARC on the Maintenance Task Plan must be specified always manually. It is also applied to the Maintenance Task when the plan is being calculated.


Asset Responsibility Center is applied to all simulations - simulated instances and simulated lines. The value is the same as the Asset Responsibility Center code on the existing (simulated) plan.

Posted Documents

Asset Responsibility Center is added to the posted documents.

One-Off Work Order

When you are creating one-off work order - the ARC code is taken from the Asset for which you are creating an order.

One-Off Task

When you are creating one-off task - the ARC code on the task (and its plan) has no value.

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