Possibility to assign checklist on work order resource line

You can add a checklist to the work order resource line. It behaves the same way as it is on the Work Order card.

By default, all fields related to checklists on the resource line are hidden. You can show them by personalization.

On the Work Order Plan, you can add a released Form Template - only form templates with the type related to the Work Order Checklist are available.

Work Orders created from such plan will have an active form on the proper resource line.

In the given screenshot you can see that:

  • the first line has already completed form
  • the second line has more than one checklist (added manually or created by a trigger from the previous form)
  • the last line has a form that is not completed yet

All checklists must be finished if you want to close the work order. They are not blocking posting.

When more than one checklist is added to the line (added manually or by trigger from the previous form) after selecting the checklist on the line - Order Checklists page will be open, where you can decide which checklist you want to fill in.

After closing the Work Order all completed checklists are shown on the Posted Work Order card.

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