Ability to Group Work Order Plans in one Group

Creating and executing a Work Order Group (WOG) gives you the possibility to create/edit work order plans for selected assets. You can consider WOG as a 'template' of the Work Order Plan for all assets in this group. Once released will create a (active) Work Order Plan for any asset in this group. These Work Order Plans can not be edited/controlled separately - everything must be done directly from the WOG card.


Before you start using WOG - you need to set up a Number Series for WOGs - the relevant field is available in the Asset Management Setup.

Work Order Group Card

At first glance, you can notice, that the card is similar to the Work Order Plan. This is because based on the WOG Work Order Plan(s) will be created. There is no field typical only for WOG - all fields are also in use on the Work Order Plan Card. It means that all values from the same fields will be transferred to the plan created from the group. There are some differences in FactBoxes, and one extra tab is added - Assets.


Here you can find some most important information about the WOG.

Skills - fields visible only when you are using skills in your maintenance area. Job No. - hidden by default Invalid Assets - information about invalid assets - explained in the part about Assets on the WOG


In this tab, you are defining what assets are in the group. This is also a place, where you can get some details about the assets and their plans and orders.

To add assets you can use:

  • Filter Assets - where you can add filters and assets that fit to this filter will be added
  • Select Assets - where you can choose assets manually - multi-select is supported

Every asset in the group, you can:

  • Close - it is closing the existing work order plan for this asset - the asset is still part of the group, but since the WOP for this asset is closed - no changes will be applied to the work order plan (from the group)
  • Detach - asset is still visible in the group but it is not a part of the group. Once created plan for this asset (from a group) starts to be an 'independent' plan - you can edit it because it is no longer part of the WOG.

The status of each asset is visible in the Assets tab.

From that place, you can also open all related records.


On the WOG you can use only these frequencies: One-off, Calendar, Measurement, and Counter. Frequencies work the same as they do on the regular Work Order Plan.

For calendar frequency, you can define individual starting/ending dates for each asset. Fields by default are hidden. Keep in mind that the frequency for such plan is correct, but the description on the line (on the plan) is still the same as it is shown on the group (even if the starting date for frequency on the Work Order Plan created from WOG is different).

Resources, Items, Expenses - the same areas that you can find on the Work Order Plan with small differences:

  • you can not add dimensions to the line
  • if you are using skills - they are not controlled on the WOG - it means that you will be able to add resources without the proper skill that is expected on the line - later it will be noticed that the work order plan resource without the skill is being added, and based on the level of control - a warning will be raised, or error will stop creation of such work order plan

Additional Parameters and Asset Parameters - the same areas that you can find on the Work Order Plan but not all fields that are available on the WOP exists on the WOG, but role and functionality are the same

Creation of Work Order for Plan created from WOG

For now - to calculate WOP created from WOG you need to visit Work Order Planning Worksheet - there is a new field to filter specific WOG.

Invalid Asset

Sometimes something is blocking the creation of the Work Order Plan from the WOG. It might be lacking a counter category on the asset when the Counter-based frequency is on the WOG, or it might be a lack of needed skills and you are using an 'error' level of control skills.

If there is something that is blocking the creation of such a Work Order Plan - this error is collected and stored as information for this asset.

In our case, we created frequency for the Counter category that does not exist on the asset A000005. When we released a group (so Work Order Plans are created) the system recognized that 1 Work Order Plan was not released due to an error. The line on the Assets is exposed and we also see the information in the header that there is 1 invalid Asset.

By selecting 'Yes' in the Invalid field - you can open detailed information what was the issue that blocked the process.

Information about invalid assets you can also see on the WOG list, where group with invalid assets is marked as red.


You can add dimensions to the WOG document - later these dimensions will be added to the Work Order Plan created from this group.


You can add documents to the WOG document - later these documents will be added to the Work Order Plan created from this group.

Document added from the WOG can not be deleted on the Work Order Plan created from the group. You can always add more documents to the Work Order Plan that are specific only to this asset. These documents (added manually) can be also removed from the plan.

Other information

  • WOG can be deleted only when there is no Work Order created from plans that came from the group or when there is no consumption ever created from the Work Order created from plans that came from the group
  • if you don't want to keep the asset on the group but you can not delete the group - consider using Detach or Close - these actions are better than using regular deletion of the line - so try to avoid regular deletion
  • when you reopen WOG - apply changes on the page and release WOG once again - these changes will be applied to plans, but will not be applied to already existing Work Orders (since they are created from the previous version of the plan)
  • from the WOG card, you can open Ledger Entries and Posted Work Orders linked with this WOG

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