Ability to assign maintenance employee to responsibility center

As a manager of your team you can set up asset responsibility center filter for assets and maintenance documents for your maintenance employees.

From the Maintenance Employees list you can edit or create a filter for the user by selecting the ellipsis button in the field.

It will open a list where you can select specific Asset Responsibility Center or add empty (it will add empty value to the filter).

These filters will be applied to specific lists in the EAM part of the system.

Asset Resp. Ctr. Filter - filter applied to all asset lists (also tools if are in use). Not only the main list but also to all lookup with asset list in the system. It will be also applied to the asset tree.

Maintenance Resp. Ctr. Filter - filter applied to all maintenance documents for example work orders, plans, tasks. Not only the relevant lists but also to all lookup with records in the system.

If you will not set up the filter for the user - this user will see all records.

Filters are not applied to posted documents (for example posted work orders) and simulated instances.

Example: Our user has access to chosen asset responsibility centers. This is the reason why on his asset list some assets are not shown.

Assets between A000013 and A000050 are hidden for this user.

When this user will open the asset tree and for some reasons some of assets are children of asset that is visible for him, but this one particular asset should be hidden - it will be visible on the tree because the asset will be marked.

+NOTE: if setup is hiding the parent asset but children should be visible - children will not be visible on the asset tree because the parent will not be added to the tree.+

The same asset tree might look different for other users based on their setup.

Maintenance document lists are also filtered. Here you have an example of Work Orders lists for two different users. One see all records, but the second one sees only records related to specified for him asset responsibility center.

Whole functionality is not blocking the user. If the user somehow will open the record that is hidden for him - he will be able to edit this record. Functionality is rather created to reduce the number of visible records and hide those that are not related to the user - because they are placed in the area where this employee is not working right now.

Some functions are blocked to prevent some mistakes. For example - from the posted work order you can use option to Update Work Order Plan based on the actual consumption done on the Work Order. If the user who is assigned to different asset responsible center will try to use this function - he will be blocked. That is because normally this user is not able to see the work order plan, so updating it by this function should not be possible.

+NOTE: be aware that asset filter is not equal to maintenance filter. So there is a possibility that the user sees the asset - so can create the one off for this asset (for example from the asset tree). But when the work order will be created - this user might not be able to see it - if the maintenance filter for him is different.+

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