Possibility to Connect Resource with an asset

You can connect an asset with a specific resource with the Machine type.

This resource can be specified as non maintenance resource.

Thanks to that you can:

  • register counter reading - if the connected asset has counters
  • register measurement reading - if the connected asset has measurements
  • register maintenance request - if you have maintenance request module installed

These processes can be run from resource specific areas in the system:

  • Resource Card
  • Project Planning Line
  • Assembly Order Line


Assembly Orders and Project Lines related to the resource that is connected with a specific asset can be shown on the Asset Activity Board. Visibility of blocks is controlled by buttons in the toolbar.

The color of the object can be set up in the User Asset Activity Board Setup.

Tooltips and Labels are specified in the Asset Activity Board Setup. Examples are installed automatically but can be changed.

Both objects are not editable from the board. They are just an information about records.

From each object you can use a context menu to open:

  • Project/Assembly Order Card
  • Resource Card
  • Asset Card

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