Possibility to Connect Resource with a counter

You can connect a counter with the type Relative with a resource that is specified as a Machine type.

Related field are hidden by default. Can be shown with a personalization.

Connected to Type - specify the type of the record that is connected to the counter

Connected to No. - specify the record that is connected to the counter

Resource Usage Type - specify what type of the transaction is counted with this counter

Consumption - all quantities posted for this resource (from any place) is counted as a consumption

Units - when you are posting the assembly order - assembled quantities are counter as units for this counter

In the Asset Management Setup you can specify how counter registrations are processed. 

Automatically Register Counters - all readings are automatically posted in the system

Counter Journal - when you specify Template and Batch - readings will be posted to the specified counter journal and it will wait for the user to be posted.

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