Possibility to add counters to maintenance tasks

You can use the list of counters on the maintenance task. Right now you can create a maintenance task for reading specified counters in your company. Since the task is not related to any specific asset - you can use maintenance tasks for that.

On the plan you can specify the list of counters for which the reading must be done. The area is hidden by default and you need to use personalization to see it.

On the list the field Reading Order is hidden by default.

All counters can be added one by one or by the action Add Counters that will open the list of counters where you can select which counters must be added to the record. It will add counters that are not yet on the list.

The list is not blocked when the document is released - so you can apply changes without reopening the whole document.

When the Maintenance Task Plan is calculated - the list of counters is added to the created task.

Area with Counters on the task document is also hidden by default. The Reading Order field is also hidden.

Here you can put reading values - reading date will be applied automatically when the reading value is given. Until the reading is not registered - reading value and reading date can be changed.

You can use the Register Readings action. It will register all readings where the reading date is specified and the reading is not registered yet.

When the reading is done - the proper information is added to the line.

When you are closing the document - all 'waiting' readings will be registered automatically. By waiting means - the reading value is given, and the reading date.

When some readings are skipped - you will be notified with the proper message.

All information is transferred to the posted maintenance task. The Counter area is visible when at least one counter exists.

Registered measurement entries as a External Document No. got a maintenance task no. what was the origin of the reading.

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