Inherit Asset Counter from the parent

On asset counter you can define that this specific counter is always inherited from the asset's parent.  Field is hidden by default.

Thanks to that every time when you are changing the parent number - counters from parent will be applied to the children. If this children has its own children that are inheriting counters - they will be also updated. The update is happening until assets in the 'branch' end or the asset is not inheriting the counter anymore.

If you will change the parent no. to asset that has no counters for this category, or you will remove the parent no. from the asset - there is nothing to be inherited so the counter is dismounted from the asset.

The best example to show how it works is a case, when we have in the company set of trucks, some parking places and sets that are attached to a truck.

In our example SET ON TRUCK and all PARTs are inheriting the counter from the parent. SUBPART has its own counters that are not inherited from the parent. **SUBSUB PARTs are inheriting the counter from their parent - SUBPART ON 5**.

PARKING 1 and PARKING 2 have only one counter.

Parking counters.

Trucks counters.

Set on truck counters.

In our example, SET ON TRUCK is inheriting counters from the TRUCK 2. If we will change its parent it will inherit counters from different parent. Also its children will be updated - if they are inheriting the counter from the parent.

The process will update asset after asset in the branch until it will find the asset that is not inheriting counters from the parent.

Children below this asset are not updated - they might inherit the counter from the parent, but parent was not updated, so they are skipped in this process.

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