Possibility to print the list of items from orders - Order Pick

From the Work Order List, Work Order and Round Order Card, and Manager (the action hidden by default) and Technician role center, you can run Order Print printout creator.

Creator allows you to specify how the printout should be created and what should be included there.

  • Group By Item - list contains items that are needed on work orders * Here you can also use Show Work Order Details* function - below each item there will be a list of orders that contains this item
  • Group By Order - list contains orders below each the list with items are created
  • Assigned To Me - applying Resource No. to Assigned To field - resource that is assigned to your user in the Maintenance Employee table
  • Filters - set of filter that might be applied to the data

Created document can be printed so you can easily use this list to collect all needed items.

Order Pick By Item With Details

Order Pick By Order

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