Possibility to create Purchase Order from Work Order Lines

You can easily create Purchase Order for selected Items from the Work Order Card or Work Order Item Lines.

Only lines with the positive value in the Qty. to Consume field will be taken into consideration.

In the Create Purchase Order wizard you can specify:

  • Grouping Method - it defines how your lines will be organized on the Purchase Order By Work Order - only one possible option (automatically set up) when all selected lines came from the same Work Order. Lines will be grouped by work order By Item - lines will be grouped by item no. ** By Planned Date - lines will be grouped by planned date of the work order
  • Vendor No. - vendor number for which the Purchase Order will be created
  • Consume on Receive - if selected - all created lines will have needed values like Work Order Line No. and Work Order No. that are needed to consume these items when the PO is posted ** When on - Grouping Method is automatically set up as 'By Work Order' and can not be changed
  • Append to Purchase Order No. - your lines will be added to already existing Purchase Order
  • Include Comments - all grouped lines will will have a comment at the top of the group Comment might include the work order number from which lines came or planned date Comments can not be added when All lines came from the same work order and they are not append to the existing document Lines are grouped by item

When all data is set up, you can run Create Purchase Order action. You should see the notification about created document and the number of processed items.

Depends on the set up - created lines might look different.

  • Consume on Receive is: ** OFF - all similar lines (based on the Item No., Location Code, Unit of Measure Code and grouping method: Work Order No. or Planned Date) are merged to one line * If multiple selected lines are merged to one (for example the same Item, from the same location is selected from different Work Orders but lines are grouped by item - the earliest found planned date is used to specify Expected Receipt Date on the Purchase Order Line) ON - every created line represents one relevant Work Order Item line

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