Possibility to migrate Round Order Plans

In the assisted setup you can use functionality to migrate your round order plans.

It runs a process where you can download the template for migrating your records. The filled template might be later uploaded to the system so you will have all the needed data ready to use.

During the process, you can migrate resources and items for each document.


  • on the round order plan, you can specify assets manually or by using dynamic asset filtering - this information must be specified on the template
  • when you are using Specified Assets in the Round Plan Asset you need to specify the needed data
  • when you are using **Dynamic Asset Filter*** in the Round Plan Asset Dynamic Filter you need to specify the needed data

{}Dynamic Asset Filter** needs a specified field caption (from the Asset table) that will be used to create a filter. This value depends on translation so we recommend checking what captions are available and using what you need. Below you can find a tip that might be helpful.


You can create one/two Round Order Plans manually. With all sample data (like filters). Then download a template for ROP migration (just download the template from assisted setup). Then visit Configuration Packages and find package dedicated Round Order Plans.

Open Package and export it to Excel.

You will download these records that already exist in the system, so you can check what data can be used.

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