Ability to define different markup per customer

In the Expense Markup Lines you can create specific markups based on the given options.

Assign-to  Type:

  • Customer - markup assigned to the chosen customer
  • Customer Price Group - markup assigned to the chosen customer price gruou
  • All Customers - markup for all customers

Assign-to No. - specifies the record which the markup is assigned to

Starting/Ending Dates - specifies when the markup is valid (posting date from the work order is taken into consideration)

Product type - defines what is taken into consideration when the markup is applied.

Product No. - when specified - defines exactly for which record this markup will be applied.

Adjustment Factor - specifies the given markup.

Having such setup you can choose type of the pricing in the process of sales invoice for maintenance creation.

If the markup list is applied - for specified record:

  • if one markup exists: this adjustment factor is applied
  • if more than one markup that fits to the record exist: the lowest adjustment factor is applied
  • if there is no such markup: the adjustment factor defined as 1 is applied

On the Sales Order Line you can check what adjustment factor was applied.

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