Customized Scheduling for Work Order Lines with Hours

In the Asset Management Setup you can turn on Planning By Time in your company.

Before you will do it it is good to set up Units of Measure that you are using in maintenance. You can do it also from Asset Management Setup.

Here you can specify what time units (or not time unit) your unit of measures are.

With this setup you can switch on the functionality. You must also set up default starting time.

From now your resource and expense lines can be planned exactly for specified time range. For example. You have a resource planned for 1.5 hour. Starting date time is set up as 1/3/24 12:00 PM. Its ending date time will be calculated as 1/3/24 1:30 PM.

If you will change on the line:

  • Quantity - starting date time is not changed - ending date time is updated
  • Starting date (or time) - ending date time will be updated
  • Ending date (or time) - starting date will be updated

If you are using Dynaway Scheduling Board - switching on Planning by Time is automatically switching on Planning by Hours in Resource Scheduling Board.

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