Automated Work Order Sequencing for Multiple Assets

You can create a Work Order Group Sequence based on Counter or Calendar frequency. Thanks to that all assets in the sequence will use given groups as a template for created work order plan and order. Work Order Group Sequence is similar  to the Work Order Sequence functionality but here Work Order Groups are the steps in the sequence - not specific work order plans.


Only Work Order Groups that are defined as a Sequence Group (on the Work Order Group card) can be used in the sequence.

Work Order Groups specified as sequence group have no area to add assets manually. Assets are shown on the Sequence Assets tab and they are added here when the work order group sequence is released.

Actions on Toolbar

  • Reopen, Release, Open - to control the status of the document
  • Calculate Plan - to calculate all plans from the sequence - to create a work order
  • actions related to simulations - to run simulation or to check simulated records
  • Release Invalid - if asset was invalid but was fixed - you can release this asset using this action
  • Release Pending - if the asset is pending (for example was added to the released sequence) you can release it with this action

General tab contains information about the sequence and about problems.

In a Frequency tab you can specify frequency for the sequence.

In Lines you are defining steps (as work order groups) for the sequence. For counter frequency here you need to define the interval.

In the Assets tab you can add assets by specifying the asset or by filtering all assets. Here you can also check what is the current state of the asset.

By selecting the value in the Sequence Steps field you can open the list of steps for the selected asset. From that list you can also check what is the actual step for the sequence.

If asset is not valid - you can see it also on the Asset tab. By selecting Yes {}{} in the Invalid ** field you can investigate what is the issue.

Work Order Plans created with this functionality behaves as other plans created from the work order group. For example they can not be edited. Work Order Plans can be controlled only from the work order group.

If is needed - you can Close/Detach Asset from the group.

Detached asset can be activated with dedicated action. When the asset is activated again - it should be released once again (Release Pending action supports this scenario).

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