Assign Lockout Template to Lockout Automation Setup

You can use new version of Lockout Automation. Old Lockout Automation Setup (if exists) is transferred to the new Lockout Automation.

Here you can set up what combination will create a lockout with specific lockout points or based on the specific lockout template.

You can set up:

  • Work Order Category
  • Asset No.
  • Asset Category Code
  • Asset Location Code
  • Starting and Ending Date - when the option is active*

When you are creating work order with the specified (in the Lockout Automation) value - it will create a needed lockout.

*Staring and Ending Date is compared with the planned date of the work order.

With given example (on the screenshot) - every time when the work order for the Asset A00002 is created lockouts will be created:

  • one lockout with status Draft with four given lockout points
  • two lockouts based on given templates one with status Draft one with status Pending Lockout where ADMIN is assigned to

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