Lockout Notifications on Work Order and Blocking when not done Lockouts are assigned to Work Order

If you are using Safe Work module - in Advanced Maintenance statuses (in EAM) you can set up that usage of a status is available only when all lockout points on related lockouts (connected with work order) are:

  • locked
  • unlocked

Thanks to that you can control the user that for example the work order can not start if something is not safe - lockout points are not locked yet.

Lockout Locked

Checks if all lockout points on related lockouts are locked and not unlocked.

Lockout Finished

Check if all related lockouts are finished - everything is unlocked.

These options are available for:

  • Document Type: Work Order
  • not Default and Default for Corrective Maintenance

On the work order card you will be notified if the current work order is connected with any lockouts - all lockouts not in state Finished are taken into consideration. On the work order card there is also (hidden by default) a field that is showing the correct value. You can open list with all related (not finished) lockouts.

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