Display Work Order Details in Lockout Record

On the lockout card there is a part that reflects the information from the work order document.

If the work order still exits:

Fields related to starting and ending time are hidden by default.

If the work order is posted:

If the lockout is not connected with work order - this part is not visible.

On the work order card you can check how many lockouts is assigned to the work order by checking:

  • dedicated field
  • notification If you will try to delete work order with assigned lockouts, you will need to confirm if these lockouts should be deleted.

If any lockout can not be deleted - you will see relevant notification.

If you will try to close the work order - and there is still any related lockout that is not finished yet - you will be blocked with the specific information.

If for some reason you need to remove connection between lockout and work order - just go to the lockout page and use Detach Work Order action.

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