Asset Creation from Item Card and Work Order Consumption

You can easily create an asset directly from the item or just by consuming the item on the Work Order.

On the Maintenance Items you can set up what is the default asset template for this item.

This template will be used to create a maintenance asset from the maintenance item, when you are using action Create Maintenance Asset.

If value is empty but exists:

  • no asset template - you will get an error
  • one asset template - this template will be used to create an asset
  • more than one template - you will see the list with templates to select which one should be used

Create Asset On Consumption boolean defines if the template code will be added to the work order item line. Line with such data will create an asset for each consumed item. By default this field is hidden and value is always taken from the item if the Create Asset On Consumption is specified as true. Value on the line can always be changed. Value on the line defines if the asset will be created.

Asset will be created based on the selected asset template, with description the same as the Item, and the parent no. for which work order consumption was posted.

On the Asset record the information that the asset was created from the item, and the item no. is stored in the database.

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