Explode Bill of Materials (BOM) on Work Order and Round Order

On the Work Orders and Round Orders in Items FastTab, you can now Explode BOM of an assembly items. Scroll down to the Items FastTab, select the assembly item on the lines and in the functions select Explode BOM. !image-2024-05-08-13-49-59-049.png|width=795,height=210!

You can select if the dimensions should be copied from BOM or retrieved from components.

Then you will see all the items that are part of this assembly item on the lines.

If you have nested assembly items (the assembly item has another assembly item in it's BOM) you can explode it as well, just select it's line and select Explode BOM one more time.

When you perform this action, the line with assembly item will be deleted and only it's description will be displayed above the lines with components, that are part of the assembly item.

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