Multiple Warranties for the Same Asset

From now you can use multiple warranties on the same asset.

You can turn on this functionality in the Asset Management Setup.

If you already have warranties on assets - these warranties will be transferred to the new functionality. If any asset has more than one warranty - this option can not be switched off. If assets have only one warranty on them - function can be switch off and warranties will be added to the asset.

When Multiple Warranties is on - on the asset previous fields related to the warranty are removed and field showing the number of warranties is visible.

The same happens on the asset detail FactBox (visible for example on the Work Order Card).

On the Asset Card new area is visible.

Here you can add new warranties or inspect the state of the current warranty. The way how the text is formatted has no changes and the functionality works the same as it was.

From that place you can create a claim for a specific warranty, or open the warranty card.

Maintenance log is covered with changes done on the warranty side. When you are switching of the functionality the old warranty is changed from number to blank value and later added again (from blank to with given number).

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