Display Financial and Acquisition Fields on Asset Card

From now, on the asset card, you can use some fields dedicated for finance description of the asset.

*Expected End Of Life Date** - where you can define when the asset will stop operating - field added in the Additional Information

*Ownership Code** - here you can define the owner of the asset (value selected from the Asset Ownership table)

Acquisition Date - here you can specify when you got the asset

Acquisition Cost - here you can specify what was the cost of getting the asset

Current Value - here you can specify what is the current value of the asset

Replacement Cost - here you can specify what is the cost of the asset replacement

Insurance Policy - here you can specify what is the insurance policy for this asset - by default EAM permissions are not including access to the Insurance Policy records. You should add it by your own.

*these fields are also added to the Asset Migration Template that you are using in the Assisted Setup

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